Who We Are

Aww Shucks came about, between husband and wife one day in March 2020, during the Covid-19 quarantine. We were discussing good food, vegan, and vegetarian options. Many times we go out and we are unable to find vegan options. Whether it was festivals or concert events, the only options were burgers, wings, etc. We wanted to create fire roasted corn recipes that are practically a meal, without the grease at an affordable price. Why not support local farmers in the process? Whether you are non-vegan, vegan, or vegetarian, we have something the whole family can enjoy.

Aww Shucks is a gourmet fire roasted corn business that specializes in unique flavors such as Flaming Hot, Mexican Street Corn, and Creamy Lemon Pepper. The menu will feature other specialty flavors on occasion, which will consist of special made sauces, but we will not disappoint!

The unique piece of our business, is that we cater to the vegan community as well, so we carry vegan options such as alternative butter, various vegan seasonings and sauces, and vegan gourmet flavors such as Thai Sweet Chili and Buffalo Ranch (vegan ranch sauce). You can have vegan options with Aww Shucks and not have to worry about breaking the bank! How cool is that?!