Who We Are

Aww Shucks Gourmet Fire Roasted Corn, is a vegetarian/plant-based, mobile food truck. Aww Shucks came about, between husband and wife, Avrie and Phillip Powell, one day in March 2020, during the Covid-19 quarantine. Avrie, who is plant-based, and Phillip, who is vegetarian, were looking for healthier food options when attending outdoor events such as festivals, concerts, games, etc. Avrie and Phillip created fire roasted corn recipes and cobs that are practically a meal, without the grease, at an affordable price. Corn, was the perfect choice, because it can be fire roasted, whole grain/vegetable, and a southern staple! 

Aww Shucks Gourmet Fire Roasted Corn specializes in 15 unique cob flavors and roasted Creamy Skillet Corn Stuffed bakers such as our top-seller Garlic Herb Parmesan, Mexican Street Corn, Creamy Lemon Pepper, Buffalo Ranch, Creamy Cajun Parmesan, Creamy Ranch Parmesan, Buffalo Lemon Pepper, Tony’s Teriyaki, Takis, Rosemary Lemon, Veggie Garden Parmesan, BBQ Ranch, Nacho, Nashville Hot, and plain with butter. Aww Shucks’ delicious plant-based flavors include Buffalo Ranch, BBQ Ranch, Garlic Herb Parmesan, Lemon Rosemary, and Veggie Garden Parmesan. Aww Shucks’ 100% plant-based cob flavors include Garlic Herb Parmesan, Buffalo Ranch, BBQ Ranch, Lemon Rosemary, Veggie Garden Parmesan, and plain with butter. Our herbaceous ranch is house-made with fresh seasonings. The entire family can enjoy!

Aww Shucks’ mission is to educate the community about the benefits of eating whole foods, provide healthier food options to food deserts/food insecure areas, and to ensure affordability.