Aww Shucks is Now Offering New Franchise Opportunities!

Birmingham, AL- December 2023: Introducing Aww Shucks—a vegetarian and plant-based mobile food truck that has captured the attention of food enthusiasts across the country. Founded by Avrie and Phillip Powell during the COVID-19 quarantine, this concept was born out of a shared vision to offer healthier dining alternatives at outdoor events such as festivals, concerts, and games. Driven by Avrie's plant-based lifestyle and Phillip's embrace of vegetarianism, the duo set out to create a menu that balanced nutritional value with delicious, affordable offerings without the greasy indulgence. Their centerpiece—fire-roasted corn—was chosen for its versatility, whole grain and vegetable properties, and status as a beloved southern cuisine staple.Aww Shucks Gourmet Fire Roasted Corn takes pride in offering an array of flavors and roasted dishes, providing something for every palate. Their top-selling Garlic Herb Parmesan cob is just one of the many unique options available, including Mexican Street Corn, Buffalo Ranch, and others. For those embracing plant-based delights, Aww Shucks presents flavors like BBQ Ranch, Lemon Rosemary, and Veggie Garden Parmesan. All sauces, including the various ranch dressings, are thoughtfully crafted in-house with fresh seasonings, promising a delightful treat for families.The Aww Shucks food truck can be found traveling throughout Birmingham, AL, and nearby cities, serving their delectable creations. They also have a secondary location in the same city. Beyond serving delicious food, Aww Shucks is committed to educating communities about the benefits of whole foods, especially in areas with limited access to healthy options, all while ensuring affordability.Aww Shucks is now offering franchising opportunities for those who share their passion. The fast-casual industry has shown remarkable growth over recent years, with a surge in demand for healthier, plant-based options. In 2021, the industry accounted for over $47.5 billion in sales in the United States alone, proving the strong market for concepts like Aww Shucks. Ambitious entrepreneurs have the chance to join the Aww Shucks franchise network and expand the brand's reach. For more information on franchising with Aww Shucks, interested individuals are encouraged to contact the company today and embark on a rewarding entrepreneurial journey.About Franchise Creator

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